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Posted by Sergio G., January 28, 2021


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Certainly not lacking for cultural excellence, Italy is not only the cradle of Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical art, but it also plays a rather important role in the international modern and contemporary art scenes. Museums, galleries, cultural institutions and the artists themselves are organized into collectives: art in Italy follows the flux of events, and techniques and expressions change with economic, global, political and socio-cultural transformations.

Open air modern and contemporary art is dotted everywhere in the country not only through the world famous Venice Biennale and the many international Art Fairs but expressed in the amazing sculpture parks, site specific permanent or temporary installations and exhibitions:

The Mauro Staccioli installations in Tuscany and Rome Baths of Caracalla, the Big Cretto of Burri in Sicily, Christo's floating piers at Iseo Lake, Pistoletto’s Reintegrated Apple, Igor Mitoraj in Sicily just to name a few.

The next spectacular temporary installation will be Your World by Lorenzo Quinn.

The scenery is that of Iseo Lake in the north of Italy, close to Milan and Verona, making Lake Iseo once again the protagonist of the international art scene after the Floating Pier by Christo of a few years ago.

The work is the continuation of the great success of “Support”, installed in Venice in 2017, aimed at raising public awareness of the serious consequences that human actions generate on the climate. Support's monumental hands, which emerged from the canal to support the facade of the Hotel Ca' Sagredo, symbolize the request for help for a sinking world.

Now those same hands will reach Lake Iseo and support our world.

A plastic bottle will be the symbolic cost to visit the installation. In return, the visitor will receive a seed contained in an organic bag that can be planted.

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