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Posted by Sergio G., February 04, 2021


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Italy is home to hundreds of islands. Some are large, like Sicily and Sardinia, while others are tiny and unpopulated. There is something so unique about islands, maybe because they seem so remote and away from the stresses of our workaday lives. Many Italian islands can host exclusive events while other can just be visited during an excursion or are just ideal for private holidays.

The little island of Procida prepares to shine as Italy’s Capital of Culture 2022. This less known island of the Campanian Archipelago has been backdrop for the films Il Postino – The Postman and The Talented Mr Ripley and now proposed itself to develop slow and sustainable tourism with tradition and be active part of the amazing jewels Campania Region has to offer together with the more famous and glamorous Ischia and Capri.

Recommended local treat:

If you want to try the most typical and renowned dessert, you will not have to taste the Lingua, made with many layers of puff pastry, rolled by hand, and a delicious filling of traditional or lemon custard.

How to reach Procida:

The closest international Airport is Naples and visitors can reach Procida with only half hour hydrofoil from Naples.

Galleria Foto:

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